H1N1 Flu Vaccine Works

Cercetatorii austalieni si americani sustin ca primele doze de vaccin impotriva virusului H1N1 au dat rezultate. Forta vaccinului este suficient de mare, astfel incat sa protejeze adultii, la 10 zile dupa vaccinare. Astfel, in contextul in care acest virus va lua amploare exista o speranta sa nu atinga o dimensiune pandemica.

Fotografia acopera orice domeniu, reflecta adevarata fata a aparentelor.

Va urma o toamna dificila?…


[The Australian and American researchers say that the first dose of vaccine against H1N1 virus has succeeded. The force of the vaccine is sufficiently large, so as to protect adults at 10 days after vaccination. Thus, in the context in which this virus will also grow there is hope not to reach a pandemic scale. Photography covers any area, reflecting the true face of the appearances. Will it be a difficult autumn?…]

Alex Mazilu

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